ViseeO is among the world’s leading wireless technology gadgets providers aiming to bring a truly wireless and flexible world to you. Products are built around the wireless ideas and aim to bring easiness in communication and enjoyment in entertainment. ViseeO is dedicate to bring you more innovative and top quality products in wireless technology.

ViseeO was established in 2006 and is one of the leading in-car Bluetooth technology companies in the world. ViseeO introduced one of the world’s very first wireless Bluetooth handsfree car kit in 2006. In following year ViseeO launched the world’s only Bluetooth upgrade solution for Mercedes vehicles that is equipped with D2B head units (with Nokia cradle). In 2008 ViseeO introduced yet another bluetooth handsfree upgrade solution for Mercedes vehicles with UHI system. The next years ViseeO dedicated itself to bring out new Bluetooth handsfree solutions for Audi, Mercedes, and Porsche vehicles and equipped these cars not only with handsfree functions but also wireless music streaming via Bluetooth. Today, ViseeO continues to leverage its core competence in the wireless Bluetooth technological know-how into high-end personal electronic accessories such as Bluetooth music earphone and wireless Bluetooth speakers.

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