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We want to make using your ViseeO as simple as possible. You can contact us any time with a question, but before you do, please have a look below. We update this section regularly with any new questions people have asked us, so there’s a good chance you will find your answer here.


Which ViseeO handsfree solution do I buy?

If your car was made in 2003 or before, and you have a factory fitted car kit then you will need the MBU3000+. Some cars in 2004 have got UHI connectors and others have got fixed cradles with curly cable. Do you have a classic, curly phone cable attached to your cradle? If yes, then select MBU-3000+. If no, look for a small button, press it and try to slide the cradle backwards. If it comes out then you need the MB-4+.

If you have no cradle but can see a black cover, flip it off with a pen or coin. The UHI – Universal Handy Interface should become visible.


Will all Viseeo models work also with the newest iPhone and Android phones?

Yes, Viseeo works perfectly also with iPhone 6S/plus and Android 6.0 “Marshmallow”. See Q & A under each product for functionality specifics.


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